78th in Books ,Magazines, and News articles
An interesting book about the 84th's Lt Resseguie.  Published by Brundage
Publishing, 102 State Street, Suite 600, Binghamton, NY 13901  ISBN #
Read his Missing Air Crew Report Here
Another interesting book with a lot of pictures by the 82nd's Lt. Col. Hewitt.  
Published by Cosson Printing Services 1204 Hitching Post Road, Cotopaxi, CO
81223  ISBN 0-9705180-0-5
This book contains the detailed mission diary of Lt James Stallings of
the 82nd Fighter Squadron.  Published by iUniverse.com, October
2003.  ISBN-13: 9780595298419 ISBN-10: 0595298419
Page Count: 208
Lt Turley's MACR Click Here
Captain Wise served with the 83rd Fighter Squadron
Excerpt from the book "Soldier - Soldier" by Larry Incollingo, 2007.  Publisher:
Authorhouse, 1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200 Bloomington, In 47403  ISBN
Although she may have been finished with the racing wars, Twilight Tear was
not finished with her effort.  Twilight Tear would fly once more, not down the
racetracks of America but in the skies over Europe.  In 1944 in North American
Aviation's factory in California, an airplane was assembled and shipped to the
Eighth Air Forces's 78th Fighter Group in England.  There the Mustang
P-51-D-20 44-63864 was paired with a young American Lieutenant, Hubert "Bill"
(83rd Fighter Squadron)  Inspired by the fortitude of Calumet's
formidable racing filly, he named the plane "Twilight Tear" and flew her in the
bulk of his thirty-five combat missions.  Together they shot down three enemy
planes and incapacitated another.

Excerpt from the book: Women of the Year: Ten Fillies Who Achieved Horse
Racing's Highest Honor by Jacqueline Duke, 2004.  Publisher Blood-Horse
Publications, Box 919003, Lexington, KY.  ISBN 1-58150-116-1
Newspaper clipping
Two entries in this book by Captain J. Pat Maxwell with the 84th.
McGraw-Hill, 1978, ISBN 0-07-001649-6
This book contains a 13 page chapter on Colonel Arman Peterson -
"The Fighting Arizona Colonel"   2003, The University of Arizona Press,
ISBN 0-8165-2415-7
Raymond F. Toliver's "The Interrogators, The Story of Hanns Scharff
Luftwaffe's Master Interrogator"  Aero Publishers, 1978 ISBN
Personal accounts by Lt. Jack LaGrange and Lt. Peter Pompetti
Issue 2 of Aviation Classics which is dedicated to the P-51 has a nice 4 page article on the
"Eagles of Duxford"   To order a copy please visit:
The most complete book detailing the 78th from before
the war to the end.  Loaded with pictures and first hand
accounts not only from pilots but crew members also.
May 1964 Issue of Air-Britain Digest