Enjoy our island as seen through the
lense of the mostly unknown
photographers of the past.  On this
page you will visit some places in
1972 Hollywood sound stage Marinduque Island Jungle.  American
submarine rescuses nurses from Marinduque during WW2.  Starred Tony
Curtis and Cary Grant     
PICTURE  Unknown year, Puerto de Boac
PICTURE  Altar at Boac Church
August 1957
Unknown year, Calle Real, Boac
These have been placed by year (if known) going from earliest to latest
1899 Showing the lighthouse of Elephant Island
1901 Views of the Boac Church from across the river.  US flag is on the flagpole and
tents of the soldiers can be seen outside the church,
1935 - Aerial view of Boac taken by US Army in preparation for possible
airstrip location
1935 - Aerial view of Mogpog taken by US Army in preparation for possible
airstrip location
1947 - View of old airstrip on the Boac River
1918 Boac Fountain
1918 Boac Ihatub overflow bridge
1924 Gasan Buenavista Mantandangasan Bridge.  it is located on the
Boac-Buenavista Road.  Its completion is a great benefit to the inhabitants
of the municipalities of Gasan and Buenavista.  During floods, the
Matandangasan River cannot be crossed for a period of several days on
account of the velocity of the current.
Marinduque Provincial Captiol Building, Boac 1929.  This building is similar
to the Capitol Building of Negros Oriental, consisting of a two-story
concrete structure 31.0 by 18.0 meters, with four concrete columns in front,
which materially add to the appearance of the building.  It provides ample
rooms for the different provincial offices.  The construction of this building
was contracted by Mr. Yu Chong Tian of Manila at a cost of 95,239 pesos.  
The electrical wiring was undertaken by administration.  The total cost of
the building amounted to 104,973 pesos including the cost of supervision
and provincial and insular surcharges.
G.Nieva Bridge Gasan 1930's
View of Boac, Unk year
1918 Boac River flood control measures
Simbahan Cave
Marcopper tailing Pond during typhoon
Burial Caves on Tres Reyes Islands