Little Friends Site provides detailed information on
planes and pilots which includes photos and a search
able database.
78th Fighter Group Database  
78th Fighter Group Photo Gallery
Encounter Reports Site with individual combat action
reports detailing a pilot's claim of a kill or damage.  
Grouped by Fighter Group so you need to scroll down
to the 78th's area.
78th P-47 Reports  
78th P-51 Reports
WWII Escape and Evasion Information Exchange
 Emphasis here is on the exchange of
information about military escapers and evaders in
World War II.  Searchable  database where you can
find those 78th men that escaped capture.
WW2 Escape and Evasion
American WW2 Orphans Network Website
Founded in 1991 by Ann Bennett Mix, and
headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, AWON is
comprised of several hundred members from all over
the nation – sons and daughters and other family of
Americans left with a void after World War II.

American WW2 Orphans Network
Buzzin Cuzzin
This website is dedicated to P-51 Mustang serial
number 44-84753, which was delivered to the 412th
Fighter Group in 1945, between V-E Day and V-J
Day.  Based in Georgetown TX, this plane is one of
only about 150 P-51’s still flying today.  After a recent
restoration, it now carries the paint scheme of another
P-51 that flew with the 78th Fighter Group in Duxford
England during WWII: Buzzin’ Cuzzin.

Buzzin Cuzzin
The Duxford Eagles Website.  Another website
dedicated to the 78th at Duxford.

Duxford Eagles
Thriplow Village web site.  Thriplow House was
used as Duxford's hospital.  Also information about
the village which was Duxford's neighbor.
8th Air Force Historical  Society website.    The
Eighth Air Force Historical Society was created in
1975 to preserve the legacy of the "Mighty Eighth",
and the part it played in American history during WW2.
Over the years, it has become a strong organization
with an emphasis on remembering and honoring
comrades who served with distinction: the men who
flew, the many thousands of ground crews, and those
who worked in the background.

8th Air Force Historical  Society
Twilight Tear -The 83rd's HL-W       The story and
mystery of this plane still being flown today.

Ghost Grey Aviation