Marinduque Maps
Upper right corner, Port San Andres (Balanacan).  
1760s -Captain Brereton
Malaspina Expedition 1789-1794 Coastal perspectives of the
Bantón, Bantoncillo and Marinduque Islands, located in the
northern part of the Sibuyan Sea (Philippines)
Early 1900s map showing size comparison of Philippines the United
Japanese Map of Marinduque.  Unknown date, it appears the Japanese took
a early map of Marinduque (1900-1920) and  added names and notations in
Japanese.  If you look carefully at the map you can read in English
(Marinduque sub province)
1899 Manila Observatory Map #10 Tayabas Province
Place Names are in Spanish
Unk year showing domestic and  international shipping routes
1875 Japanese Map