Colonel Arman Peterson - Kingpost
P- 47 Flagari
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The Queen and King of England, Col Peterson and Brig. Gen Hunter,
Duxford May 1943
The Tucson Daily Citizen, Arizona
August 13, 1943
San Mateo Times, California
March 23 1944
The Oakland Tribune, California
March 23, 1944
There is a five paragraph section of the article I removed for continuity of the
story concerning Col. Peterson.  It concerns Mr. Baillie's observations at a
B-17 base and a mission there (sorry Big Friends)
Below is the news story referred to by Hugh Baillie
concerning Col. Peterson.
June 23, 1943
"When Pete Didn't Come Back"  by Hugh Baillie, President of United Press.
Printed in newspapers all across the United States and reproduced in the
Duxford Diary as shown below
Col. Arman Peterson is buried in his family plot
at the Thatcher Cemetery in Thatcher, Arizona
Auxiliary Aircraft Repair Ship FS-217 Col Armand Peterson

18 of these vessels were also built by Higgins Industries also note that Higgins Industries
built 100 FS boats of various sizes. These 573 Gross Ton vessels had hull numbers
FS-204 to FS-221. All of these vessels were named after former Army Officers as well.

Camano Class Light Cargo Ship

Laid down (date unknown) for the US Army as COL. Armand Peterson (FS 217) at
Higgins Industries, Inc., New Orleans, LA.
Delivered to the US Army Transportation Service in December 1944
Acquired by the US Navy and designated Light Cargo Ship Palm Beach (AKL-45), 18
June 1966
Converted to a Banner Class Environmental Research Ship at Puget Sound Naval
Shipyard, Bremerton, WA.
Redesignated (AGER-3), 2 May 1967
Commissioned, USS Palm Beach (AGER-3), 13 May 1967, LCDR. Albert D. Raper in
Decommissioned (date unknown)
Struck from the Naval Register, 1 December 1969
Final Disposition, sold in 1969-70 to Ralston Robertson, Bayou La Batre, AL., possibly
resold to a Panamanian Co., date unknown

Sister ship AGER-2 USS Pueblo captured by North Koreans as spy ship

Displacement 550 t.
Length 177'
Beam 33'
Draft 10'
Speed 12 kts.
(AKL) 42
(AGER) 83
(AKL) none
(AGER) four .50 cal machine guns
Propulsion two 500hp GM Cleveland Division 6-278A 6-cyl V6 diesel engines, twin screws

(AFSOC).  An ancestral organization, Aircraft Maintenance Units (Floating), were
deployed "From 11 Jan 1945-5 Feb 1946.  A list of the vessels and names, all for
Colonels, may be seen at Shipbuilding History; U.S. Army Coastal Freighters - F, FS and
T Boats starting at FS-204.

GER-3 is Seen Below
Article concerning the
ship from the
"Spokemans Review"
Spokane, Wa.  June,