Philippine Scouts Marriage Report
Some research will be necessary to define how US Army
contract surgeons made Marriage reports on Philippine
Scouts.  Below we have three examples from 1907 in
Boac, Marinduque.  

Dr. William O. Cutliffe of New York was a contract
Surgeon for the US Army as of September 1, 1898.  He
was granted the rank of Captain in April 20, 1901.  

The 5th Company of Philippine Scouts were based in
Boac, Marinduque and Macabebe, Pampanga and
changed Stations on the 5th and 24 of July, 1907
August 5, 1907 - Corporal Leon Castro to Maria Malino
April 1, 1907 - Private Gene Garcia to Isabel Lareacle
April 25, 1907 - Private Guillermo Magill to Fetra