1800 & 1900 Property Title Transfers
July 1923, Boac.  Note at this time the Notary listed the transaction as
Estados Unidos de America, Islas Filipinas.
September 1913, Boac
January 1922, Boac
November 1919, Boac (Shows Marinduque as part of Tayabas Prov.)
August 1915, Boac
November 1925, Boac via New Mexico, United States
Shown below are early examples of land transfers in
November 26, 1895
This is a very important document in that the names contained in it are
the future leaders of the rebellion against Spain the United States.  Sorry
for the poor quality of pages.  I had to adjust the contrast just to read.  
The original document is brownish with brown ink being used which bled
through in some places.