You haven't seen this classic?  The bar in this movie is set in
Shanghi but still has that tropical feel to it and besides every
great dinosaur chase on a tropical isle should start in a bar
with some sailors. It has some great little private booths for
customers.  One of my co-workers introduced this movie to
me while we were on a ship heading home.  His grandfather,
Dan White has part in this movie as crewman Edwards which
made it even more fun to watch. Very pre-Godzila, the rubber
suited dinos might make this more a comedy than it's intended
sci-fi genre.

For info on the movie click here        (be sure to click on Dan
White's link when you get there, you will see all the movies he
was in)
Unknown Island
Albert Jay Cohen Productions 1948
You gotta watch the movie to see the interior of the bar.  If
there was going to be a fight in your place wouldn't you
want it to be John and Lee and some of their sailor
buddies?  I have to get a slot machine..(watch the movie)
For info on the movie click here
Donovan's Reef
Paramount Pictures 1963
Ya I know it's not a bar, but it is loaded with design ideas.  
Besides I can still remember when I was a kid (never mind
how long ago that was) and my father decided to put a
cigarette into one of the talking tiki's mouth.  Pretty cool to see
a smoking tiki!
The Tiki Room at Disneyland
Take a look at the picture above, imagine the sound of rain falling
on the corrugated roof.... Yes that is exactly what they did at the 7
seas.  When I look at the bar I could imagine our beach in the
background.  A little more formal bar top than the Zamboanga,
I'm still out on that one.  I would probably be ordering thru the
While the island of Zamboanga itself is in the Philippines just like
our beach, I don't think you would call the island of Zamboanga
"Polynesian". Nevertheless, the Zamboanga club made a great
use of bamboo and fibers that you would see in the Philippines
and besides Zamboanga is tiki speak.  The Jungle Room Bar is a
place I could see myself sitting at.
A landmark in Hollywood...Famous for its original "Rain on the
Roof" .... Dancing with movie stars to Hawaiian music by famous
bands.....Delightful food and rum drinks...Native floor
shows...Known the world over
Bob Brooks' 7 Seas
6904 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, Calif.
Jungle Room Bar
"Truly the show place of California.  The most beautiful Polynesian
Paradise in America.  Meeting place of Hollywood Stars and
Before we get into the details of this establishment let me
first say the phrase "Tailless Monkeys"
may be a derogatory
term for Filipinos coined during the Philippine Insurrection
circa 1900.  There is a lot a debate about this, one I will
leave for other forums to argue.  You will hear John Wayne
sing this in the movie "They Were Expendable".  
"The Home of the Tailless Monkeys"
3828 W. Slauson Ave. Los Angeles, Ca.
Still in the planning stages, but where do you start?  Should
it look like the classic South Sea Style bar you've seen John
Wayne in like Donovan's Reef?  How about something from
the 50's theme inspired restaurants and nite clubs?  It will
probably be a combination of the best of all the above.  
Below are some of items I have to help us decide.
Ulong Beach
Tiki Bar Project
Tikis on the Beach
(My)Favorite Links

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An online archive of paper ephemera, not just
Polynesian Pop, but also the classic heyday of all
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which are set on the islands of the pacific.
Sailor Jerry Rum Rum homepage for master tattoo
artist Sailor Jerry
When you have your own beach in the
South Pacific you have to like tikis, don't
you?  We do and here is a page for ours
and some other fun things we have
managed to collect and enjoy.
Tiki Farm
Purveyors of Polynesian Pop Culture &
Manufacturer of Tiki Collectibles
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Worlds leading supplier of Tropical and
Polynesian decor
Our custom Tiki cabinet, complete with flickering
lights give it that warm glow at night.  I turn all
the other lights out just to enjoy.
Hey Everbody it's konakai
The ultimate tiki/south sea links page, it will take
a month to check them all out.
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on Ebay
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