Marinduque Typhoon History
R. García-Herrera, P. Ribera, E. Hernández, L. Gimeno:'Typhoons in the
Philippine Islands 1566-1900'. Submitted to Journal of Climate.) November 13

November, 1844
The typhoon which hit the provinces of the South, near Manila, in the middle of
November, 1844, should be classified as destructive. From the reports of the
Provincial Governor to the Governor-General of the Philipinne Islands, the
following details are gathered: Some interisland ships were lost in the sea of
Marinduque: the church of Gasan was blown down and several houses of
Mogpog were roined; more than 500 work animals perished in the floods of
Boac; In Batangas, the winds destroyed 765 houses.

July 17 -21, 1869
The provinces which greatly suffered by this storm were Leyte, Burias and
Mindoro. The towns of Boac, Gasan, Mogpog and Santa Cruz in Marinduque
suffered heavily from the fury of the tempest, with the resulting destruction of
bridges, roads and plantations.

24-31 October 1875
The typhoon which lashed the Visayan provinces and southern Luzon at about
the end of October must be classed among the destructive baguios.
In Boac, in the center of the town, the water reached a height of three meters,
carrying to the sea various houses, destroying all the bridges, and causing the
death of 130 animals. In Santa Cruz, Marinduque, the bastion was blown down,
and the crops totally injured. In Gasan the storm destroyed 83 houses, inclined
35 and unroofed the church and convent.