USS GRAYLING SS-209  5th War Patrol Report
January 7 1943 to February 24 1943
Grayling sailed for Pearl Harbor on 17 December, arrived 24 December, and had the
honor of being chosen for the Pacific Fleet change of command ceremony on 31
December 1941. On that day, Admiral Chester Nimitz hoisted his flag aboard Grayling
as Commander, Pacific Fleet and began the United States Navy's long fighting road
back in the Pacific.

Changing her base of operations to Australia, Grayling stood out of Fremantle on 7
January 1943 on her fifth patrol, this time in Philippine waters. She sank cargo ship
Ushio Maru west of Luzon on 26 January and damaged another Japanese ship the
next day. After sinking a schooner on 24 February, Grayling returned to Fremantle.

Grayling began her eighth and last war patrol in July from Fremantle. She made two
visits to the coast of the Philippines, delivering supplies and equipment to guerrillas at
Pucio Point, Pandan Bay, Panay, 31 July and 23 August 1943. Cruising in the
Philippines area, Grayling recorded her last kill, the passenger-cargo Meizan Maru on
27 August in the Tablas Strait, but was not heard from again after 9 September. She
was scheduled to make a radio report on 12 September, which she did not, and all
attempts to contact her failed. Grayling was officially reported "lost with all hands" 30
September 1943.
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