USS GUNNEL  SS-253 Report of War Patrol 6
July 29 1944 to September 22 1944
On July 14, 1944 Lt.Commander. G.E.O'Neil, USN, assumed command of the
GUNNEL, relieving Commander John S. McCain, USN. Commander McCain moved
on to a new duty assignment after a very capable, rewarding and rigorous tour of duty.
Commander McCain remained in the service during the years following the war,
ending his career as a four star Admiral in command of all US Forces in the Pacific
region during the war in Vietnam.   McCain was the father of U.S. Presidential
Candidate and Arizona State Senator John McCain.

The sixth patrol was conducted in the Sibuyan Sea area and off the west coasts of
Southern Luzon and Mindoro Islands.  During this patrol the Gunnel lost a man
overboard who was rescued by Marinduque native Alfredo Sienna.  It was not known
by the Gunnel crew at that time that their crewmate had been rescued.  Sienna was
later honored by the U.S. Navy and presented with the U.S. Medal of Freedom.
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