USS TROUT SS-202 Report of 9th War Patrol
May 27 1943 to July 20 1943
USS Trout (SS-202) was a United States Navy Tambor-class submarine,
serving in the Pacific from 1941 to 1944. She received 11 battle stars for World
War II service and three Presidential Unit Citations, for her second, third, and
fifth patrols. Trout also delivered ammunition to the besieged American forces on
Corregidor and brought out 20 tons of gold bars and silver pesos from the
Philippine currency reserve to Pearl Harbor.

Trout is credited with sinking 23 enemy ships, giving her 87,000 tons sunk, and
damaging 6 ships, for 75,000 tons. During her first ten patrols she made 32
torpedo attacks, firing 85 torpedoes, including 34 hits, 5 confirmed premature
detonations, 5 confirmed duds, and 25 suspected duds. She was also involved
in six battle surface actions and was attacked with depth charges eight times.

The steamship Isuzu Maru SS was torpedoed and sunk by the U.S. submarine
USS Trout on July 2nd, 1943, W. of Marinduque, Philippines.

She was reported overdue on 17 April 1944 and presumed lost on her eleventh
war patrol.