The Marinduque WW2 Naval Actions and Invasion
Marinduque was in the war at the very beginning. In 1941, just a few days after the bombing
of Manila, a U.S. Submarine surfaced at Santa Cruz and contacted the Mayor.  Since the
waterways surrounding Marinduque were vital shipping lanes for the Japanese, U.S.
Submarines were on constant patrol and engaged many ships.  In a few instances, there
was contact with locals.  In August 1944, a submariner was washed overboard and rescued
by a Marinduque resident.  In the later part of 1944, U.S. Naval vessels and planes made
themselves known and culminated in the sinking of the Japanese vessels in Balanacan
Harbor. Just as the new year of 1945 was starting, United States Naval forces based in
Mindoro were on the way to help liberate Marinduque from the Japanese occupiers.  Here
you will be able to read the actual day to day operations involved in that undertaking as well
as Landing Craft, Submarines and Torpedo Patrol Boat operations based in/around
Marinduque involving the liberation of other parts of the Philippines.  Where possible,
pictures have been located of the actual naval craft that served in and around Marinduque
during this time.