NOVEMBER 25, 1944
TA was the designation assigned to Japanese naval operations at getting
reinforcements, supplies and munitions to their troops fighting the U.S. Invasion forces
on Leyte, in the Philippines. TA No 5's second echelon comprising the trusty trio of T6,
T9 and T10 escorted by the TAKE, cleared Manila on 24 November and put in at Port
Balanacan, Marinduque on the 25th. But that morning the fast carriers of Task Groups
38.1 and 38.2 once again returned to their launch positions east of Luzon and flew off
flights of heavily armed aircraft to blanket the area.

Bombing Squadron 18 (VB-18) flying SB2C-1 Planes, Torpedo Squadron 18 (VT-18)
flying TBM1-C Planes and Fighter Squadron 18 (VF-18) flying F6F-5 Hellcats from the
United States Carrier Intrepid (CV-11) found and destroyed the Japanese fast transports
T.6 and T.10, and damaged fast transport T.9 and the escort destroyer Take.  

Unfortunately while they were away the Intrepid was the victim of Japanese Kamikaze

Later in the evening, a PBM-3D from the Patrol Bombing Squadron 20 (VPB20) overflew
Balanacan and observed the two transports still burning.  While over the harbor it was
met with flak from an unknown destroyer backed into the cove.  It is unknown if the
Take had come back or another destroyer was dispatched to Balanacan.

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USS WASP Action Map for Nov 25, 1994 showing Marinduque action
Japanese Map of Marinduque
and surrounding shorelines