Born sixty-seven years ago to a family whose children were all
made to study music, Alicia Nieva-lichauco heard these tunes as a
child of ten in Boac, Marinduque. It will be noted that there are no
titles to the pieces, Mrs. Lichauco's sole interest then being to learn
and play these melodies by ear. Number Five in this collection was
a favourite in the repertoire of a small string orchestra which had
among its members her brother and a sister. These orchestral
groups were called "Comp'arsa" in those days, Mrs. Lichauco
followed the Comparsa as they played informal concerts in homes.
She later made her own piano arrangements of some of their
pieces. Mrs. Lichauco has never forgotten these melodies which
were very much a part of her childhood. She now feels that they
should be preserved because having been played frequently and
much in fashion at that particular time, these melodies capture a
specific mood and reflect a phase in the evolution and development
of our people's musical taste. 15 October 1974