This is homepage and starting point for pictures and information
about our lot at Ulong Beach.  Mostly just photos at this time the
links  above will take you our vacation photos around the island
and of course all the fun at the beach Ulong style.
About Ulong Beach

Ulong Beach is found on the Island of Marinduque, the Heart of the
Philippines.  Located in Municipality of Mogpog and the Barangay of
Capayang, the beach faces to the west with views of Mindoro and
Batangas.  Our lot presently contains two Nipa style huts and a
fresh water well.  The lot is fenced for privacy. It is the perfect
place to spend the day with the family.  Calm shallow water makes
it the perfect place to swim with the children.
Our friends and relatives always enjoy swimming and playing in the warm, calm  waters
Summer finds an increase in fishing boats and the chance to get some fresh fish
Okay, so where the heck is Ulong Beach?