What Happened to the Website?

My longtime website provider (Yahoo) decided to no longer support the tools used to create and maintain the website. Everyone on the platform had two choices, leave your website as is an no longer be able to modify it or switch.

Well we will see what happens next. It took many thousands of hours to build my last website and there was no way to transfer the pages onto the new platform. I’m not sure how long rebuilding it is going to take. In the meantime if you are in need of information for research either for Marinduque History or the 78th Fighter Group please contact me on email at clsspace@yahoo.com

Short cuts to the Marinduque history pages

Although the main page for Ulong Beach is not available you can use these subpages to reach the history pages about Marinduque (for now at least)

The Philippine American War
(Insurrection) on Marinduque Homepage

Marinduque WW2 Homepage