The Filipino American
War 1899-1901
       Ramon M Madrigal
Marinduque - It's Role in the Wars for Independence Pt 2

Written without pretension,
this volume is but a friendly
offer of assistance from a
native son of Marinduque,
who believes that the people
of his province or of any
province for that matter,
mut be given all the
incentives and opportunity
to know well their own
province so that they will
become very proud of, and
will learn to love more, the
land of their birth, the land
to which other people
choose to migrate, live and
die.  And there is no better
way of knowing one's own
province than getting
acquainted with its history.

Ramon M. Madrigal
This article was originally published by the
Philippine National Historical Society in it's
Journal of History Vol. XI 1963.

Professor Ramon M Madrigal, Lic. Mus., A.B.,
C.E., was a professor of Structural Engineering
in Adamson University, Manila.  Formerly a
Captain in the Corps of Engineers, Army of the
United States, he wrote three works on
structural designs and one on specifications and
contracts.  He is the author of a 290 page MS.
"The Province of Marinduque", a first prize
winner in a contest on the writing of history of
the Province.  This article was extracted from
this MS.
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